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Export Compliance Tools’ export training was designed for all companies that export products and services and are concerned about complying with U.S. export laws and regulations. Compliance affects every area of a company, regardless of size or type of business. And when it comes to export compliance, the stakes are high. Export Compliance Tools offers interactive online training designed to educate managers, your global sales force and employees at all levels of your organization on export compliance laws and the importance of integrating these laws and regulations into your business operations on a daily basis. This valuable training will help ensure that your employees understand the consequences of noncompliance, both for them personally and for your company. Our comprehensive online training will help prevent violations, and the government will consider the completion of this training as a key mitigating factor to possibly reduce your fines and penalties should a violation occur.

Compliance Made Simple

  • Training courses in high-definition using our HDLearn® technology
  • iPad and tablet compatible
  • Targeted training for every position in your company
  • Access online anywhere, anytime
  • Easy progress and completion tracking
  • Completion certificates to meet your record keeping requirements
  • Flexible, customizable format
  • Printable key documentation to help your employees manage your exports. Documentation includes a list of pertinent acronyms, a detailed glossary explaining terms in simple, straightforward language (including new terms from 2013 export compliance reform), a “red flags” checklist, key training points (called take-aways), resource links to regulations and information, and a one-of-a-kind export flowchart outlining the complete process to export your product and ensure compliance with all State, Commerce and Treasury requirements.

The Benefits of e-Learning Anyone with access to the internet has access to Export Compliance Tools. The course is engaging,  thorough, fast and simple to use. The e-learning delivery method is:

  • Flexible and convenient: Individuals can complete Export Compliance Training on their own schedule and at their own pace.
  • Efficient and inexpensive: Export Compliance Training allows you to train large numbers of people simultaneously or over a period of time, no matter where they are located, eliminating costly travel and missed training sessions.
  • Monitored: Through the Digital Chalk System you can track and manage employees’ progress and make sure they understand the training.

Export Compliance Training
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